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Walker Jerome and Karl Urban ~ Kitty want his belly rubbed?
[Crossposted to walker_were and bq_karl]

Karl moved through the woods, ears intent on the small night sounds as he moved toward Walker's place. He'd not seen his friend in a while and missed him, missed just talking to someone who understood his need for a pack-life.

Find anything interesting? The big golden Mountain Lion seemed to smile down from its branch.

"Have now." Looking up, Karl was entranced with the golden hue of eye, "You're looking rather relaxed up there... kitty want his belly rubbed?"

Always, Walker purred as he stood up and leapt lightly down to the ground next to Karl giving him a playful bump emphasizing the mass of his solid body.

Dropping to one knee, Karl wrapped his arms around the strong neck, giving a hug as his hand slipped to Walker's chest, ruffling the fur. "Here or back at your place?"

Is that all you visit for? Walker thought and swished his tail at Karl, but still rubbed his head against his friend.

"Didn't say I was looking for sex, just a friend to cuddle with you prickly bastard." Karl laughed, knowing those words describing Walker were the furthest from the truth. "And offering a belly rub."

Walker gave a low rumble that resembled a chuckle then stretched his body and slowly transformed into a naked and equally golden man.

"Oh, now maybe I'll rub something else too..." Dropping lower, Karl pressed a kiss to Viggo's naked shoulder, the taste of forest and warm sunshine on his tongue. "I'm used to seeing all wolf shapes, but I think you're beautiful too in form."

"Not many cats around," Walker said nuzzling Karl's hair. "We don't run in packs, but I miss them now and then."

"I'll be your pack if you want." Rubbing his cheek against the just kissed shoulder, Karl filled his senses with Walker's presence, "Doesn't need to be big... not like Hoot's."

Walker relaxed against Karl. "I'd like that," he said enjoying the feel of the big man against his bare skin. "Come back and have a drink with me, I made a new brew."

Nodding, he rose and pulled Viggo up, "Do you know how beautiful you are in the moonlight?" Slipping his arm around the lean waist, Karl hugged the other were to him, "All golden and sleek - just like your animal." Coughing to cover his poetic side, he grinned wide, "Okay, lets go taste your concoction."

Walker tilted his head and smiled before giving Karl and slow kiss. "I think you need one of my beers."

"Have you ever known me to turn down a beer?" Tugging on Walker, he began to propel them toward the encampment. "Have you seen many of our kind, do they come out here?"

"Now and then," Walker shrugged at the Were next to him. "Mainly they come here if they're in need of something or hurt. Once in a while one might come to play. Don't see many cats though."

"I hear there's a cat - tiger actually - in the area, not part of the pack though." Stepping over a fallen tree, Karl slipped his hand lower, letting it rest on the swell of Walker's hip. "I should find out about him, but haven't heard anything bad - so, in a way I guess I really wouldn't have a reason to."

The thought of another cat interested Walker and he was tempted to find out more, but he wasn't sure how a tiger would react to him. He walked quietly for a while then said, "I would be good to meet another cat here." He smiled at Karl and took his hand.

"If you want, I can check him out. Actually, I think he knows Hoot and the prince, but - not 100% on that." Mingling his fingers with the other man's, he walked along, enjoying the intimacy of the moment. "You ever get lonely out here?"

Walker turned at looked at Karl. "Yeah, sometimes I do. But I wouldn't survive in the city. Too many people, too much noise and basically just too much..."

"Don't think I'd like you in a city." Ducking his head, Karl stepped under a branch, "You wouldn't be you... and I like you being the you you are."

"Now say that after a brew," Walker laughed and headed for his trailer. He grabbed a couple of bottles of his home brewed beer and lead Karl to his hammock. "How's your balance?"

"Wait, if you're asking that before I've even had any of this, should I worry?" Kicking off his shoes, shirt tossed to the side, Karl unsnapped his pants but kept them on. "What do you have in mind?"

Walker climbed easily into the hammock letting it sway a little. He lay back and grinned, "Get your ass bare and on here with me."

Hands covering his chest, beer still in one, Karl looked at Walker with shock, "You want me nekkid? But..." Placing the beer on the ground he began to push his jeans down long legs. "Is that normal? What... why would you ever want me nekkid?" Grabbing the beer, he hauled himself into the hammock, barely missing Walker and sending the contraption swinging. His laughter rang out. "Is this the kind of hammock they use in sex?"

"Any kind of hammock can be used for sex," Walker laughed and stretched his arm around Karl. "And since when is naked not normal? Besides, we've got each other off before so lie back and enjoy."

Deciding his demure facade wasn't working, Karl grinned, the look bordering on pure devilish fun. "You going to do something to me I'll like?" Wiggling slightly, the hammock rocking with him, the dark were finally settled, one arm resting on Walker's thigh. "I could definitely get used to this."

"You have something in mind? Or will we just see what comes up?" Walker asked with a chuckle and took a swig from his bottle then licked his lips.

"Oh, I love it when things pop up." Leaning up, eyes widening a moment when the hammock swung, Karl leaned over and swiped his tongue to capture the taste. "Like it better from here."

Walker chuckled and took a mouthful then pulled Karl to his lips and passed the amber fluid to him.

Eyes closed, mouth open, he accepted the fluid, warmed by Walker's mouth and holding his taste. "S'good..." Swallowing, he sighed, "Got anything else to offer me?" Winking, Karl curled into the other were; he wouldn't mind sex, but at the same time, just cuddling with the other man was more than acceptable.

"You know me Karl, always horny." Walker smiled and poured some of the beer into the hollow of Karl's throat then slowly sucked it out.

"You know me; always willing to oblige." Holding still, he licked his lips at the soft touch of tongue. "Will you fuck me?"

Walker's tongue swirled in the hollow until he heard those words. He looked up with those pale eyes and grinned. "We better get on safe ground for that."

Nodding, Karl tried to slip from the hammock, but only managed to land on his ass. "Ever graceful, aren't I." Laughing from his position, he held out a hand for Walker, "Come..." It was a soft word, showing all that Karl needed.

Well used to getting out of the hammock Walker eased himself to the grass. "How do you want me Karl?" Walker murmured already initiating a intimate touches.

Rolling to his back, arms out, Karl smiled, "In me... can we do gentle?" He was so used to rough and gone, but tonight, he was in a mellow mood. "Can we just...?"

"Gentle," Walker repeated adding kisses to the touches as he began exploring flesh. His fingers caressed and tickled while his lips left hot wet patches of skin.

Karl was rarely a passive lover, more inclined to - not take control - but to fully participate, body, and all; always about the pleasure. Tonight, however, was more about the pleasure of giving, not taking or receiving. So when Walker's mouth began to work his flesh, Karl groaned and reached out, wanting to touch. "So good..."

Slowly Walker edged down, but completely bypassed the needy cock. Instead, he lifted Karl's thigh and parted them to nuzzle just behind the Were's balls.

"You're a tease." Letting his heavy thighs part further, Karl rested his hand on Walker's head, his fingers working through the fine hair. "I could... if you ohgodlovethat if you turn, I could... that to you"

"Next time," Walker muttered then trailed his tongue further down. Slowly at first Walker began to tongue fuck Karl while his fingers rolled and massaged his balls.

Working his fingers through the hair, he sighed, eyes closing and big body shuddering at the pleasure. Walker was being gentle with him, something he rarely experienced, something that usually reduced Karl to nothing but sated goo in the end. "S'good... like that."

The taste of the big Were had Walker hard and he ground his hips against the grass enjoying the mix of pleasure and pain. He gave Karl a final nuzzle then eased up and over him. With a salacious smile Walker hovered above Karl moving just enough that his cock stroked over Karl's belly. "You want this now?" he asked.

"Yes, now." Hands scrambling, tugging, trying to pull Walker to him, Karl lifted his legs, rubbing up against the sweet hotness resting on his stomach. "Now... later... whenever you want to share."

Dropping his head Walker gave Karl a long slow kiss while settling between the powerful thighs, His palm cupped his cock spreading the dribbles of precome then guided it carefully to nudge against Karl.

The first light brush had him clenching and pushing at the same time, eager for the stretch and acceptance of Walker's hot flesh. "Slow... god, even that feels good."

"Slow," Walker agreed and the nudge gradually became a push, just breaching Karl then stopping so Walker could initiate another long deep kiss.

Karl shuddered, his body wanting more, but the big man resisted, his true need to be submissive this night. Parting his lips, his tongue slipped out, teasing at Walker's, wanting to slide inside and play with the other man's tongue.

As they kissed Walker eased his way in. A slow slide that still burned.

Lifting his hips and giving a little 'push' with internal muscles, Karl opened himself more, feeling the ease of passage as Walker sank deeper into him. Tongue tangling with the other man's he whimpered, his senses filling with the sensations of what was happening.

Their rhythm was slow but deep. Each roll of Walker's hips buried him in Karl so that both Weres gasped into their kiss.

Panting, Karl pulled Walker to him tighter, feeling the brush of fine chest hairs over his nipples and shuddering at it. It felt good - right and he knew it was. "Yes... fuckfeels good... does."

Very good, Walker's lips slid down Karl's throat, kissing, licking and adding small bites while his hand forced it's way between them to encircle Karl's cock.

It was a cross between a howl, moan and yip, and Karl arched into the touch. "Please... yes... Walker." Tightening his legs around the other were's body, he urged him on.

The need to go slow seemed to have been overtaken by simple need. Walker murmured encouragement, his thrusts becoming more shallow as their tempo gradually increased.

Thrusting, following the tempo set by walker, Karl hummed. He may be an enforcer in the pack, the Prince's and Alpha's 'go to' when certain deeds needed handling, but the big were truly loved the moments when he could simply let down his guard an enjoy being dominated; in his mind, it wasn't weak, but a moment of what he needed. Shifting, he arched, a sudden warm explosion of pure pleasure sparking in him.

"I can feel your heat changing," Walker muttered close to Karl's ear just before the were's release. It was a moment Walker always loved; the build of heat then the release of pure primal energy. "Hot between us... burning my skin."

Rubbing his hands over Walker's back, the black were imagined he could feel the fire within the smooth flesh, growing and consuming as their pace continued. "You burn me too... make me feel scorched." Heels digging into the small of the other mans' back, Karl buried his face in Walker's neck, licking at the salty skin. "Make me into ashes."

"Together then," Walker grunted and gave a few hard sharp thrusts while tugging and twisting Karl's cock.

He growled, a low rumble of pleasure as the feline were manipulated his dick. "Fuckyeah..." Karl squeezed his muscles, making his body tighter around Walker's cock, increasing the friction as he pushed back. "Close..." He'd been close nearly the entire time, needy from the start, but not wanting it to end too soon - loving the intimacy of their connection.

"Gotta come," Walker gasped mere seconds before his orgasm hit twisting and releasing his gut muscles. He held tightly to the big Were beneath him riding it out.

Giving in, Karl groaned, body stiffening as his orgasm ripped through him, started as a small tickle of intense pleasure and simply grew to consume him. "Fuckyes fuckyes fuckyes." It became his litany, rolling form his mouth until he turned and managed to capture Walker's in a near brutal kiss.

Breathing took second place to kissing Karl even though Walker's lungs were burning. But he was soon forced to pull back a gulp in a lungful of air. He gave a breathless laugh and looked down at Karl. "Gentle enough?"

"Any more gentle and I'd be a fluffball." Grinning, Karl stroked his hands over Walker's back, "Thank you... I needed that." He was referring to the intimacy of how they'd been - that Walker hadn't expected Karl to be the 'big bad-ass wolf' and be dominating.

"Your turn next time," Walker purred.


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