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Thomas Dekker and Karl Urban ~ Sleepy snuggles
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Flipping the lock on the front door and dousing the neon lights from the windows, Karl took a moment and listened to Hoot above stairs as he settle for the night. Satisfied his Alpha was safe, he turned, facing the young were, Dekker. “Still a chance for you to change your mind.”

Dekker looked the big wolf up and down. Sure he was tempted to go out, but there was something about the cosy little room that called to him. “What do you have in mind?” he asked.

“Just a good night’s sleep pack-style a deux.” Cocking his head to the side, Karl grinned, “I have a very comfy room here... plus the kitchen isn’t far away if we get hungry.”

All the tension of the past few weeks drained away and Dek smiled. “Not used to a bed with no strings attached.” He slung his arm around Karl’s neck and gave him a hug.

“Hey, kiddo... if you want strings we can have them, but later... I may be a bit of a slut, but I at least like to know the person next to me a bit more. Besides,” Returning the hug, Karl added an extra squeeze, “sometimes a nice simple sleep is all we need to center ourselves again.” He walked backwards a few steps, taking Dekker with him. “Added bonus... I make a mean steak and eggs breakfast.”

Dek giggled. He gave Karl a quick kiss then stepped away to flop on the edge of the bed. “Soft,” he smiled and began to drag his tatty old sneakers off. “I don’t have any pajamas, is that okay?”

Shoes already gone, shirt being worked on, Karl gave a small shrug, “Go as far as you want - I sleep naked.” The bin in the corner caught his shirt, and a few moments later pants. “And commando.” Beautifully nude, Karl took a moment to stretch, loving the feeling of utter freedom the lack of clothing gave him. “And I don’t snore.”

“Liar,” Dekker teased and stood up to drop his jean off his narrow hips. His t-shirt followed and he crawled onto the sheet feeling it cool and clean against his skin.

“You need a light?” Karl meant if Dekker needed to find the loo or kitchen during a night’s wandering. Slipping into the bed, he turned on his side and wrapped an arm around the younger man.

“Nah,” the young were said and snuggled against Karl. “My eyes are good in the dark so I’ll figure out where to go if I have to get up. This feels good.” He pulled Karl’s arm a little tighter. “But don’t be surprised if i end up having naughty dreams.”

Making a rude noise, Karl laughed, “Wouldn’t be the first time for me either... and yes, the sheets are really clean.” He moved, fitting his body to Dekker’s, nose buried in hair and arm anchored around him.

“I’ve never really had a place since I left home and even then it was pretty shit. Never known a pack,” Dekker whispered and pulled the arm a little tighter around him.

“Well, I think Hoot’s taken with you - he has an affinity for the youngest of our kind.” He moved, curling and shifting until nearly all of his large frame covered Dekker in some way. “I do too.” Coverings in place, Karl sighed, “Anytime you need it, the bed is here - the door is open. Basically, even if you don’t join, you do have a pack.”

“Tell me what it’s like. Being in a pack I mean,” Dekker asked. “Are they like a gang or what?”

“Family without blood. Some you love, some you hate and some you wonder why aren’t they locked up in a padded room. Hoot’s like the dad or uncle... Liam - our prince, yeah Hoot’s the dad, Liam the patriarch - grandfather, though he doesn’t act old... just very wise and understanding. He - they accept us as individuals and expect us all to have our little ways.” Yawning, he rubbed his nose in Dekker’s hair taking in his scent in the process. “It’s having someone to rely on, knowing they have your back if need or a shoulder when needed.”

“My parents kept me locked in my room and made me feel that it was wrong to be a wolf,” Dekker said quietly remembering the arguments and shouting matches. “I knew it wasn’t wrong.”

“You should meet Shannon... his mom didn’t lock him away, but she kicked him out when he changed.” Placing a kiss into the messy hair, Karl pulled him even closer, tighter, “It’s not wrong. Nothing in nature is wrong. Not ever. You are perfect as you are - no one else can be a better you than you are.”

The young wolf gave a comfortable sigh and said sleepily, “I’d like to meet him... if he’s anything like you and Hoot.”

“Rest easy kid, no one is like us - but you’ll get along with him just fine.” Yawning, he felt the slide into sleep begin and gave over to it. They could talk more in the morning.


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