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Karl Urban and Walker Jerome ~ Do I need to talk about the Vamp to seduce you? NC17
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Karl had let his wolf out for a run, and man, did his animal go. Miles disappear under large black paws, tufts of earth behind in small patches. He was tiring, legs beginning to shake from the exertion; realizing he was closer to Walker’s place than town, the large black wolf headed there, hoping to find his friend home.

Walker could smell the wolf as soon as he entered his territory. A wry grin split his face and he let his skin go furry so that by the time the dark work appeared the golden cat was lying majestically along a thick log.

Show off. Panting as he came to a stop, Karl couldn’t help but admire the sleek beauty. Sidling up to the other creature, he sat, tail slowly curling around his paws. </i>Sunbathing?</i>

With a little flick of the long dark tipped tail Walker gave a big cat purr and sent the thought, Mmmm feels good. I don’t know how the Vampires survive without it?

Laying down, head resting on large paws, Karl sighed, I know... stupid buggers giving this up for immortality - two hundred years max is fine by me.. Rolling so he was now on his back, belly exposed to the sun, he looked up at Walker and grinned, tongue lolling out the side of his mouth.

Walker stood and stretched then wandered languidly over to the wolf. He raised a huge paw and batted at Karl then flopped down beside him, dwarfing the large wolf.

A soft, low growl - all sound and no intent - rumbled from his chest then was quickly followed by a wolf-laugh. Mind if I hang out here with you? Have a day to myself...

Never mind company, Walker replied and gave Karl a lick with his broad tongue. Something on your mind?

Mentally grinning, he managed to shake his large head, the earth around it moving and creating tiny hills as it was shifted, Nah, try to keep that as blank as possible. Was just in a mood for a snuggle... nothing else unless you have other ideas.

Actually I do, Walker said and shed his fur as he stood up. “Leave your wolf here and come out back with me.”

Dark amber eyes had watched the transformation, but it was now dark brown eyes that took in the human form. taking a moment to adjust to going from wolf to human, Karl shook his head, “You have no shame... and I’m glad.” Grinning, his eyes roamed over the lean form, stopping on one or another point of interest. “What’s out back?”

Walked just grinned and strolled through a narrow path in the woods until they reached a small clearing. “Been tinkering a little in my spare time.”

Frowning, Karl moved closer, studied the coiled copper tubing and the tanks, “What is this?” Sniffing he caught the odor of fermentation. “You cooking something?”

“Making something,” Walker smiled. “Don’t get too close... it’s hot and you’re too bare.” He reached for a box stashed near the contraption and opened it to pull out a chipped mug. “Want to try?”

Looking between Walker, the mug and the coiled piping, Karl gave a tentative nod... “Have you tried it?”

Walker laughed then leaned forward to place his lips on the edge of the mug and took a sip. He winked and licked his lips. “Bit raw, but does the job.”

Braving the mug, Karl took a sip as well, “It uh...” Coughing, he cleared his throat, “What exactly is the job it’s supposed to do.”

“Give us a buzz.” Walker took the mug back and swallowed down the harsh liquid. “Not quite like what they serve in Hoot’s bar, but they don’t always like my kind there.”

“Well fuck them then... come in any time you want... Wait, does Hoot not want you there?” Taking the empty mug back, Karl stared at the apparatus and then reached for the spigot, “I want you there.”

Walker smiled and the wolf and shook his head. “Many of the pack don’t like their cat counterparts, but the best ones don’t mind. Anyway, I came in handy where a baby vamp wandered in there a while back.”

Karl had heard of that, had been ‘warned’ to look for him. “That Jared guy... brother to a pack member, right?” Closing off the pour, he sniffed at the liquid in the mug again, “Not sure Hoot’ll sell this at the bar...” His second sip had eyes water, but the one after that and he started to become used to it. “How did that feel? What was it like?”

“He was young and confused,” Walker said as he sat on a fallen log. “But pretty sexy too. Was an interesting sensation having him drink from me... a lot like fucking.”

Lowering the mug, Karl stared at Walker, eyes wide. “So... did you come?” He was such a virgin where vampires were concerned and anything new about them was something revealing and amazing to the were. “Wait, you were in the bar... what about the pack?”

Walker shook his head. “I didn’t come, but maybe if we’d had more time and somewhere a little less threatening...” He chuckled then thought back to the rumblings of the pack. “They didn’t want him there even though his brother is a wolf. A tense situation all round.”

“So... he might just show up here some night?” Grinning, Karl moved toward a fallen log, stopping before sitting, “No poison...whatever, right?” He was fully naked and didn’t relish the idea of having certain parts be uncomfortable. “That whole thing is messed up. They should at least be a bit more tolerant toward Jared... Maybe I need to talk to Hoot - but you’ll still come, right?”

“The little Vampire rattles you doesn’t he?” Walker asked and grabbed Karl’s hand to pull him down. “The grass is soft.”

“He’s desirable... but I’m second in command, and - it was an excuse for my fear.” Here with Walker, Karl didn’t have to always be the ‘beta’ he could relax and let his guard down. “I wanted to talk to Liam... make sure it wouldn’t cause him or the pack trouble if I took up with a vampire.”

“And what did the big wolf say?” Walker asked starting to work his strong fingers on Karl’s shoulders and the back of his neck.

He had the grace to blush, “I uh... haven’t talked to him yet.”

That made Walker laugh and give Karl’s shoulder a slap before go back to his massage. “Liam knows all about the little Vamp with the wolf brother. Liam also knows he plays with his pack so if you want a little cool skin against yours I think it would be okay.” Walker thought back to feeding Jared and the despair the Vampire radiated. “Be good to him though; he’s a bloodsucker but there is some of us in him somewhere.”

Enjoying the ministrations for a few moments, Karl nearly purred, “You tasted that in him?” Maybe it was time to have that conversation with Liam. “He might reject me you know.”

“Nah, he tasted me. Got drunk on me actually,” Walker laughed and gave Karl a kiss on the neck. “And why would he reject a fine wolf like you?”

Shrugging one shoulder, making sure not to dislodge Walker’s lips from what they were doing, Karl fiddled with a blade of grass, “Uhm, ‘cuz I kind of told him I needed permission.”

“Won’t know if you don’t try,” Walker grinned against the smooth skin. “And something tells me you want that little Vamp.”

“He is sweet looking... and has fire. You... oh god, you missed a spot,” Tipping his head to the side, Karl began to purr... “Where was I... oh yeah, you know how I like to be warm.”

“You afraid the Vamp will be too cold for your cock?” Walker asked with a laugh.

Reaching up he swatted Walker on the head, “Nope... it’s those fangs and my cock I’d be worried about.” Karl chuckled, then moaned. “Are you trying to seduce me? Get me all bothered talking about that lovely little vamp then take advantage of me?”

“Do I need to talk about the Vamp to seduce you?” Walker asked with a quirk of his eyebrows.

Squirming under the other man’s touch, Karl sighed, his body beginning to burn, ‘Need to? get me hot all by your little lonesome... but it certainly doesn’t hurt either...” Reaching between his legs, the dark were played with his flesh, the touch light... a bare caress.

“Definitely don’t want the Vampire chowing down on that,” Walker mumbled enjoying the sight of Karl touching himself.

Lifting one leg out to the side, Karl continued to manipulate his flesh, knowing his friend was watching. “Like what you see?” Head back, he smiled lazily, “You can get a closer look if you like.. or touch.”

“Shuffle forward,” Walker suggested and slid down behind Karl to cradle him between his strong thighs. “This what you had in mind?” he purred and reached round to glide his hands down Karl’s belly to his cock.

Actually, Walker’s arms around him were more than what he’d expected, “Better.” Leaning back, Karl rested the back of his head on the other man’s shoulder, “What can I do for you?” Wiggling his butt a bit, he rubbed against the juncture of his friends thighs.

“I don’t need anything,” Walker crooned in a low sensual voice rubbing his hand over the hard flesh spreading the beads of fluid already formed at the tip.

Karl may have been able to relax somewhat with the human Kevin, but not to the degree he could with his friend, someone of his kind. Being able to let his guard down, to know he was safe, “You know I don’t come to you for just the sex, right?” Twisting his head, Karl tried to look at the other were, but could only see a partial of his face. “You do know that, right?”

“I know,” Walker said but only paused in his manipulations long enough to give Karl a light kiss. “Now lean back and relax.”

Rolling his head to the side, managing to bring his lips to Walker’s throat, Karl sighed against the flesh, letting his friend do as he wanted, “You’re one of the few I can let my guard down with... be me and not the Beta...” Placing a small kiss to the moist flesh, he licked at it, taking in the flavor of his friend; there was human in the taste, but also his cat. “You taste good.”

Walker’s lips slid softly over Karl’s. “Nothin’ to prove here,” he murmured letting his fingers slip off Karl’s cock to rub lightly down the crease of his thigh and cup the heavy balls. “What you see is what you get with me.”

Humming into the kiss, Karl closed his eyes, “I love what I get with you... a friend, lover... relaxed, honest. You don’t have an agenda for being ‘nice’ to me... you just are.” Before parting his lips to ask for Walker’s tongue, he murmured once more, “Show me. Please.”

The kiss lingered as they slowly tasted each other. Walker’s lips became a smile when the kiss ended and he stood to shed his cloths. “This what you had in mind?”

Reaching out, Karl trailed his fingers down the lean thigh stopping at the other man’s knee. “We don’t have to have sex Walker,” Curling his fingers around the warm flesh, he caressed the back of the other man’s leg. “But since we’re both naked and one of us is at least ready... can we play at it?” Smiling softly, the look of a hidden imp in his eyes, Karl leaned forward and kissed his friend’s leg.

Walker dropped to his knees beside Karl and took his face in his hands. He lead them in a long sensual kiss while gradually lowering them to the soft grass. I know Karl, his lion mind sent. But as you say, we are both naked.

Allowing the other man to control his body, the were let his muscles go lax, trusting his friend completely, Indeed we are... and no point in wasting things. Sliding one leg to the side, Karl wiggled just a bit, stopping once their bodies were fully flush.

Walker’s hand continued the sensual massage over Karl’s skin... nothing rushed; his hips rolling lightly in time with their breathing.

Lifting his arms, he brought them around the other man’s back, slowly caressing the firmly muscled flesh, a ghosting touch of caress. Moaning at the returned touch, Karl closed his eyes and simply ‘felt.’ He was already aroused from their hands earlier, but with the gentle roll, the light brush of hard flesh against his own, he felt the flush of passion slowly grow.

Walker’s tongue trailed down Karl’s throat leaving a moist path to be cooled by the light breeze. He eased back to look at Karl and smiled, “Sex suits you.”

Continuing to move his hands over the warm flesh, he managed to open his eyes, the look heavy, “Have to admit, I love sex... never the same with any two people.” Leaning up, Karl managed to press a quick kiss to the cleft in Walker’s chin, “You especially... so think that means it looks good on you too.”

“Mmm,” Walker moaned and reached between them. His fingers encircled first Karl’s cock and then his own so their hard silken flesh throbbed against each other.

Arching into the touch, Karl whimpered, his eyes once again closing, wanting to feel the pleasure of another’s hand on him. The need to return the touch was overwhelming and he skimmed his hands across the smooth back, pulling Walker closer. “Touch me... god, yes... thank you.”

“You like that?” Walker murmured capturing Karl’s lips briefly then pressing their foreheads together while he increased the tug on their cocks.

“Yes... love your hands - your mouth... fuck, all of you.” Clenching his eyes closed, Karl tugged at Walker. “Touch you?” He wanted to join his hand with Walker’s, and yet wanted to continue holding the man to him. He was close... so damn close already and the dark were shuddered at each stroke.

Walker’s hips were moving in time to his hand; rolling them both towards orgasm, but the offer of being touched sounded so fucking good. “Touch me Karl,” Walker breathed near the wolf’s ear.

Managing to wiggle his hand between their bodies, Karl gasped when his fingers wrapped around their cocks. “Fuck... feels good.” Faltering a time or two, he managed to fall into rhythm with Walker’s movements.

“Very fucking good,” Walker moaned and began slow languid kisses on Karl’s pulse point.

It was so easy to let his head tip back, to give more of his throat to the other man, trusting him with his vulnerability. Placing his hand behind Walker’s head, Karl pulled him down for a kiss, tongue slipping out to tease at the firm lips.

With a light bite at the tender skin Walker asked, “You wanna come Karl?”

“Yes - feel you come on me.” Tightening his fist, Karl arched up into the touch, moaning at the feel it gave him. “Walker, please.” He wanted to suck the breath out of his lover, wanted to bring him inside himself.

“Let it go wolf... together,” Walker groaned already feeling the first tendrils of orgasm gripping him. He lead their hands to pump faster and faster, all sense of rhythm dissolving when he jerked and come spurted on their joined fists.

The first feel of hot liquid on his fingers had Karl jerk, arching up. Then he felt the hard cock in his hand, against his own, twitch and he came himself, body jerking with the first ripple. “Walker....” Searching with his lips, he plastered them against a bit of flesh and sucked, tongue laving the skin as he began to climax in earnest.

Walker’s release hit in waves, each spasm rocking him against Karl. It was stronger than he’d anticipated and he was soon spent and breathless clinging to his friend.

Clutching tighter, Karl rode out his own, hands stroking at the sweaty back. Gasping for breath, he laid his head back, mouth open and moaned. “Think you killed me.”

“Now that would be a loss,” Walker murmured and then chuckled. “Although my lion could use a snack.”

“You could take a bit of a nibble - or not.” Snuggling closer, the were pretended to mull it over. “How about if we skip on snack time.”

“Maybe a nap in the shade then?” Walker suggested already settling in against Karl.

Shifting just enough so he could hold Walker’s body against his, Karl smiled, eyes already half closed. “So... a catnap then?”

“Mmmmm... sounds good.”


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