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Karl Urban and Jared Leto ~ Your loss furry
[bq_karl and jaredl_bq]

He'd been to this club and knew how it was an attraction for were and vampire alike. And how a vampire would sometimes sing there as well, so of course, Karl, with his fascination with vampires, found himself pushing through the doors into a crowded room. Bodies undulating together on the floor in a parody of dance, sweaty and smelling of perfume, cologne, cigarette and other substances.

Jared loved to tease and moved through the bodies making sure to rub against them and make just enough eye contact to attract their attention. He hadn't been fed recently so the warm blood was a distraction, but one that could still be easily ignored. As he neared the edge of the floor another scent caught him and he glanced around for the were. Jared couldn't remember the wolf's name but the body was unmistakable. He grinned, blue eyes flashing the slightest hint of red.

/Shannon's brother... Jared; that's it./ Moving through the remaining people between them, Karl smiled, his own eyes shifting to amber for a brief moment. "Hello there fang-boy. Good to see you up and about."

"Here for a reason furry? To see me maybe?" Jared crooned bumping against the were knowing he couldn't try anything with an audience.

Amused, Karl shrugged, the tight black shirt shifting over his chest and shoulders as he did. "Maybe - but then again, maybe not." Head to the side, the were studied the vampire before him, "You sing here don't you."

"Yep," Jared confirmed running his palm over the broad chest. "I somehow wouldn't have picked you as liking this sort of music?"

"I'm open to all kinds of new experiences." Flexing one pec muscle, Karl laughed. "Never say no to a first time - but may delay the yes."

"Why delay?" Jared asked lowering his hand down over the firm belly and giving the waistband a tug. "I'm hungry now."

"Anticipation." Allowing his body to sway with the tug, Karl gave a heavy eyed look. "What are you offering?"

Jared could feel the heat of the were's interest and said in his best seductive voice, "Anything you want but I get to drink from you."

Wide eyed, he stared at the vampire, unsure if he was joking or serious. "I uh... can you do that? To a were I mean?"

"Bite and lick and suck," Jared muttered running his tongue between his lips. "Anywhere on your body."

"But the blood... isn't it like poison or something to you?" Karl's eyes followed the small pink tongue, watching as Jared's lips were left moist in its wake.

"Rich and earthy," Jared murmured bumping against Karl; his smaller frame tight against the big were. "Hot as it fills my mouth and runs down my throat."

"I uh... I need to talk to my alpha or prince." The words tumbled over each other, "I'm not sure what pack policy is."

Jared gave a wicked laugh and rubbed his thigh against Karl's. "Aren't you a bit old to ask permission from Papa to play?"

"To play within the confines of my breed or pack, no. But since you're only the second of yours I've met... " Reaching out, Karl grabbed the back of Jared's thigh then slid his hand upward, "But that doesn't mean I can't feel my way for a bit."

With a shake of his head Jared backed up. "Doesn't work that way wolf." He was angry and more than a little frustrated as he glared at Karl.

"Christ," Backing up a step himself, Karl shook his head, "Were you one of those humans who couldn't take no or slow down as an answer?"

"If you haven't got what I need I have to find it elsewhere," Jared growled, his hunger growing to a painful level. "Your loss furry."

"Don't be a dick; haven't you ever been unsure about something?" Karl responded, his own voice pitched low enough so only Jared could hear him. "You're the second vampire I've ever met, give me a fucking break."

"Had your chance," Jared crooned while walking backwards. "If you won't I have to find someone who has the courage to play with me."

Karl didn't get to be second in command of a pack by being pushed around by teasing words, "But will they be as sweet as I would have been?" Following Jared, his pace only slightly faster, the werewolf sauntered past, patting the firm butt as he did. Finally stopping, he spun to face the back of Jared, "So, this might actually be your loss then."

Jared held his hands out to the side to show himself off and grinned broadly, "I'll find another furry and you'll be left wondering just what it would have been like to fuck me while I feed on you. Imagine your cock in my ass and my fangs in your throat just before you try to go to sleep."

Leaning in, making sure his breath whispered across Jared's neck, Karl spoke softly, "But what if I was a bottom, and it was your hot, hard cock in my ass, me squeezing you, letting you know what I was feeling as you fucked me?" Stepping up so he brushed against the vampire, the black were rolled his hips, "What if it were you holding me down, claiming me, filling me and marking me?"

"But only if you have a note from Liam first right?" Jared winked and danced away. "And I bet your blood wouldn't be as strong as his was anyway. So go jerk yourself wolf, I'm out of here to find someone that doesn't need his hand held."

"It wouldn't have been my hand you'd have held if you'd learned to be more patient." Bowing his head to the side briefly, Karl smirked. "As for our prince... you may find his blood too strong for one as young as you. Strike two I guess." Even with the vampire disappearing, Karl knew he'd heard him.

"Already sampled your prince," Jared laughed and vanished out the door.

Karl shook his head; not certain of the details behind the feeding he wondered thought if Liam fucked Jared... doubted it, but hey, anything was possible with that brash one.


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