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Karl Urban and Bill Kaulitz

Sitting at the table on the cafe patio Bill watched the tourist. The weather was beginning to warm up and that was bringing the folks in. He hummed to himself, frowning and looking up after a few minutes. He smelled Karl. Glancing around he smiled, put a few coins on the table and headed out after him.

Humans, in all their forms and sizes, scents, colors, simply fascinated him. Of course he'd been out amongst them before, but down here - they were almost like another species. And he just loved watching them.

Moving through the people on the sidewalk Bill slipped into a doorway, peering out and inhaling, tracking which way Karl was headed. He smiled.

He'd heard the footfalls behind him, lots of them actually, but one set was different, softer.. more sure-footed. Shrugging, Karl continued on his way, randomly looking into shops as he passed, figuring it was just another were out for a stroll.

Slinking closer Bill giggled, whistling and then ducking back into an entry.

Giving a tip to his head and peering over his shoulder, Karl quickly scanned the street; the giggle had sounded like that of a... well, not quite child, but a young pup out honing his tracking skills. With a smile, the big man stepped between two groups of tourists and then into a side street.

Brow furrowing a moment Bill looked around, lifting his head and sniffing before heading down the sidewalk. He was bouncing as he walked.

Leaning on the building just past the edge of sight, Karl waited, eyes scanning and quickly dismissing the human's as they walked by. Canting his head, he listened to the different gaits, and pinpointed the one that was were; deciding he'd give the pup time to work the hunt, Karl pushed away, turned and faced down the street then quickly moved off.

Hurrying Bill caught scent again and peered around a corner. He listened, moving through a couple of tourists looking at a map. He lifted a wallet from one of them and hurried on after Karl.

Weaving through the crowd, deliberately brushing one or another so his scent was strong on some but not others, Karl stopped in a doorway, leaning against the wall. When he was certain no one was watching, he rubbed against the building, as if he was marking his spot. Repeating this at several other stores, he darted inside a clothing one, again, body rubbing and brushing against the material as he made his way out the back and into an alley.

Sniffing a man who passed him Bill frowned. He moved to a doorway and inhaled, squinting. Damn... tricky. With a renewed determination, Bill moved on, sniffing everything as he tracked the were. He grinned as he picked up the scent.

Jumping onto the metal fire escape, Karl crouched, listening to the sounds of passerby's; whoever was tracking him was good... better than he'd originally thought. Maybe whoever this was would be up for a chase in the wood sometime. Catching the whiff of scent on the breeze, Karl jumped to the ground then clamored over the fence. Time to see what this young pup could really do.

With a soft growl, eyes flashing merrily, Bill took off after Karl, skidding around a corner as he raised his head and sniffed.

Careful to not touch anything but for his feet and the soft breeze that whispered past his body as he moved, Karl headed to a confectioner's shop. Once in side, he paid for a few selected items and was back on the street, eyes darting left and right. Not finding any were near, he moved across the road, darting between cars and entered a small perfumeries, accepting a card of fragrance. Seconds later, he spritzed himself with a douse of some... nearly noxious odor. Waiting for the right moment, he exited the store and stepped into a group of tourists, 'accidentally' bumping into two, transferring the odor.

Minutes later Bill stood confused and dismayed. He turned in a circle, scowling around him. Karl was.. everywhere. Stomping his foot he picked a direction and hurried that way.

Slipping behind the pup, Karl thought he knew who it was, but until he saw the face... stopping, the big man deliberately knocked into a street sign, sending it skittering a few feet. Turning his back, he ducked into an alley, smiling.

Jumping and spinning when he heard the sign Bill growled, inhaling and then heading into the alley.

Into a doorway, leaning against the metal barrier, Karl crossed his arms and smiled; time to see who was stalking the pack 'enforcer'.

Slowing, hair on the back on his neck bristling Bill tiptoed down the alley.

Flattening his back to the door, Karl heard the cautious tread and smiled; the pup had some skill and he'd enjoy the time. It would be interesting to see who this was. Stilling his breath, eyes sharp, the dark wolf scratched at him, wanting to come out and play as well.

The doorway, he had to be in the doorway. Bill skulked closer.

Body alert, though not from the need to defend, Karl smiled brighter; stealth, almost silent steps drew near.

At the doorway Bill smiled, raising his hands he suddenly jumped around the corner and growled. "Roawr!"

Jumping out at the same time, chest met chest and Karl wrapped his arms around the smaller wolf, "Hello there... Bill!" Surprised, but wonderfully so, the bigger man hugged tight.

Bill screamed, flight or fight kicking in for a second as he struggled against Karl until his mind cleared and he laughed, whapping Karl on the shoulder. "Hey!"

"Not bad, a bit more twist with that last punch and it would have done some damage." Leaning down, he kissed the wiggling pup. "Hey yourself."

Bill leaned into Karl and smiled. "Hi." He tipped his head and kissed Karl’s mouth. "Mmmm."

"Is that the reward for our nice game of stalking?" Leaning against he wall, he keeps Bill's body plastered to his own. "You've got talent."

"And you're tricky," Bill said. "I bet you'd be fun in the woods."

Karl laughed, wanting to make several comments at once but winding up with only one. "One way to find out."

"Really?" Bill asked excitedly.

Rubbing noses, Karl nodded. "Yes... want to make a play date?"

"Yeah," Bill said. "I'd like that." He brushed his fingers through Karl’s hair.

"Missed ya pup, where you been?" Karl was a cuddler, came from den living and all the press of bodies, so it wasn't unusual for him to cling, which is what he was doing to Bill. "When? Know any places?"

"Along the river is good for running, mmm," Bill held close, not used to being held, but finding that he really liked it. He inhaled Karl’s scent and nuzzled.

Recognizing the signs of a young one just enjoying an embrace for the moment, Karl tightened his arms, wanting to make Bill feel secure. "I don't think I've been there before. I'd love for you to show it to me."

"I'd like that," Bill said, finally pulling back. "You're hard to track." He giggled.

Winking, he smiled before brushing a small kiss to the pups nose. "You did well though... didn't get frustrated, didn't let things distract you. It was a good job." He'd spoken to the more junior members of the pack after training lessons - when the praise was deserved. "You should be proud."

"Really?" Bill grinned, nose wrinkling up as he was praised. "Thanks," he blushed and hugged Karl before releasing him and stepping back. "Want to ... um.. do something?"

"Sure, got anything in mind?" One major advantage to his position was, he could do his duties even while enjoying himself.

"No," Bill laughed. "Wanna walk? Think about it?"

"Lets go pup." Arm around Bill's shoulders, Karl steered them toward the mouth of the alley. "Lets see what kind of trouble we can get into - and not get caught."

Putting his arm around Karl's waist Bill looked at him and smiled wide. "Perfect!"

Lying in the sun naked, Bill stretched, turning his head and smiling at Karl. He dragged his gaze up the fit body. "Mmmm."

Grunting his own approval, Karl stretched too, arms over head and body slightly arched, "Always knew a tan looked good on me." Cracking open his eye, he peered at the other were, "Don't look too bad on you... if you'd ever get one."

"Well, this is to warm my skin, not bake it," Bill said with a smile. "I like pale on me, makes the makeup stand out better."

"Now that I can't argue with." Rolling to his side, head cushioned on his bent arm, Karl reached out and ran his finger over Bill's cheek. "You ever change when wearing some? Don't think I can see any on your face now."

"Changing.. eats it," Bill chuckled. "It washes me clean." He smiled, turning his head to kiss Karl's finger.

"Made the mistake of trying to change while in clothing? Funniest damned sight you ever saw. Wound up wearing a tie." Shaking his head at the memory, Karl tapped his finger off Bill's nose. "You should come and meet Hoot or the prince."

Bill shrugged up one shoulder, jaw tightening. "I got no need for a bunch of huggy feely pack shit."

"Didn't tell you to hump their leg - just meet them." Shaking his head at the quickly exposed prickly attitude, Karl rolled once more, landing on Bill and using him as a pillow. "Don't think Hoot's man would like it anyway."

Bill giggled, wrapping his arms and legs around Karl. "Yeah? So this Hoot.. he hung?"

"Can't say - never saw him naked. But I'll tell ya, when I see his partner, he's usually smiling." Shrugging, Karl added a wink. "You thinking of poaching on that?"

"No," Bill said, lifting into the heat and weight of Karl. "Why haven't you tried?"

"On Hoot? Oh, he's hot enough - you know, the dark brooding type, but I took a look at his boyfriend and decided I liked all my parts attached." Aside from the fact the alpha didn't make his pant snake wiggle.

"Chicken shit," Bill said with a grin. He pulled Karl down to him and kissed him, nipping at his lip.

Leaning into the kiss, Karl let his body relax against Bill's, loving the feel if the wiry body. Breaking for air, he grinned, "You brave enough to make a move on either of them?"

"Pffft. Wait, who's his mate?"

"Were by the name of JD... something. Hot too. Military or Militia or something like that." Squirming around, he wound up half on, half off the young were. "Not a pack member I don't think, but that didn't stop the Alpha from claiming him."

Bill squirmed. "They as sexy as you?"

"I'd have to say sexier - looking at myself in the mirror, I don't get turned on." Flopping off the other man, Karl once more laid on the grass, his head cushioned on a bent arm.

"You should," Bill said with a laugh. "I think you're dead sexy."

Laughing, Karl shook his head, "My right hand gets enough exercise." Reaching over, he poked the younger man in the belly.

"Yeah? Like this?" Bill asked giggling at the poke and sliding his hand between them, wrapping long fingers around Karl's dick.

Gulping, Karl nodded then shook his head 'no'. "Think mine kind of moves, want me to show you?"

"No, you can tell me," Bill said and jiggled his hand. "Move.. like that?"

"Not quite, but good try..." Thrusting his hips up, Karl began to move, "Move your fist up and down... but tighter, but not too much."

"Up and down," Bill repeated and stroked twice. "Better?"

"Add a twist, kind of..." Trying to rotate his hips, Karl gave up and lay back, "like this." 'This' was his own hand held up and his wrist flexing.

"Ahhh, okay," Bill said in his best innocent voice and stroked harder, twisting as he did. "You're so.. big.."

"You keep doing that and I might get bigger." Spreading his legs, the dark were reached between his legs and rolled his balls. "Every tried playing with these?"

"Hmmm, not sure," Bill said, eyes twinkling. "Show me."

Bringing one knee to his chest, he exposed himself, "Just watch what I do." Rolling the heavy orbs in his palm, Karl moaned as he added a squeeze.

"Okay, okay, let me try," Bill said and reached to palm Karl's balls. He gently massaged them, other hand going back to stroke his cock.

"Good, quick learner." Closing his eyes, he was able to concentrate on what Bill was doing, the warmth of his hand, and the feel of his flesh being pleasured by a hand other than his own. "That's nice..."

With the hand palming Karl's balls, Bill extends a finger and rubs into the warm crease of his ass and across his pucker.

"Oh, that's new! Try it again?" Thrusting up, Karl clenched at his leg, opening his body more. "More."

Bill swallowed, nodding as he watched Karl. He rubbed, concentrating as he moved both hands. He grinned. "You've got to be coordinated to do this."

"If you get any better at this, I'll have to return the favor." He was sweaty, forehead dotted with it as the pleasure began to build, his balls pulling up. "Think... You ever see those guys who can blow themselves? I'm jealous of them."

Bill laughed, leaning over to lick at the tip of Karl's cock as he jerked it.

"Oh shit, oh shit..." Shifting his hips, Karl pounded a fist into the ground; "I take that back - not jealous of them anymore... I got you..." With his free hand, the black haired were rested it on the back of Bill's head. "You... fuck it, sixty-nine.. now."

Lifting his head Bill laughed. "No, I lose track of what I'm doing." He giggled. "Lemme make it good for you. Lay back and enjoy big boy."

"Who says I won't enjoy sucking your weenie?" Arching up, Karl groaned. "You're trying to kill me... do it slowly."

With a grin Bill slowed everything down, fondle, stroke, lick, repeat. He finds a rhythm, moaning at the taste and feel of Karl.

"That's it boy..." Licking his lips, Karl tried to relax, not wanting to shove up into the oh-so-sweet-wet-heat. "Hope you don't want me to last long."

"Mmhgnmm," Bill answered back with an extra slurp added in.

Giving up, Karl pushed up, sliding deeper into Bill's mouth. "Close... soon... oh shit so good!" Simply focusing on the sensation growing in him, the dark were shuddered through each roll of pleasure

Bill continues his ministrations.

"SHIT!" One particular action had Karl come off the ground, his back arching into a bow. "FUCK... oh hell... almost... there there." Kicking one heel on the grass, he fisted and pulled, blades coming free.

With tight cheeks, Bills sucks harder.

He exploded, body going rigid, eyes screwing shut as he came. Mouth open, Karl hissed as his balls constricted and toes curled.

Drinking him down Bill laps and milks him, moaning at the delicious taste.

One last shudder and Karl collapses, body landing on the soft ground. "Think you just sucked my brains out."

Laughing Bill crawled up and lay over Karl, the hot sun warming his back. "Mmmm.. was good."

Lazily flopping his hand against the younger were's back in a parody of a pat, Karl 'mhmd'. "Was more than... feel so relaxed now."

"Sleep, kay? I like.. sleeping here.. with you."

Both arms made their way around Bill's waist, "I like it too... sleeping and being here with you." he did like the young scamp, attitude and all.

Bill smiled and snuggled in.

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