Thomas Dekker and Karl Urban ~ Sleepy snuggles
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Flipping the lock on the front door and dousing the neon lights from the windows, Karl took a moment and listened to Hoot above stairs as he settle for the night. Satisfied his Alpha was safe, he turned, facing the young were, Dekker. “Still a chance for you to change your mind.”

Dekker looked the big wolf up and down.Collapse )

Karl Urban and Thomas Dekker ~ New job, new bed
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Locking the alleyway door behind him, Karl sauntered into the bar, automatically counting the last few of the customers there. About to prop his ass on a stool, he waved at a few and grabbed a handful of peanut mix. Halfway to his mouth he paused at the new scent. Definitely were - but a young one. Scanning again he spotted the movement.

“Coming through,” Thomas said as he brushed past with a tray of empty glassesCollapse )

Karl Urban and Ghost ~ Mirror image
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The sounds of the bayou was soft around him, night creatures - other than himself - slipped through the thick underbrush in search of food or shelter adding the occasional brush of leaf against bark. It wasn’t often the beta patrolled the swamplands, but sometimes he simply enjoyed the solitude of it. Pausing, he sniffed then frowned, not expecting to find that particular scent this far out. Wondering if an adventuresome cub had gotten lost, he almost shook his head in dismissal; the scent was too strong.. to adult.

The huge Siberian wolf loped along over the solid patches of ground in his inherited range.Collapse )

Liam, Hoot, Karl and Walker ~ Hunting the hunters
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Liam looked at his alphas and warned them, "We scan the area in fur, stay close enough that we have each other's back. The one the Vamp killed might have acted on his own, but we can't take chances."

"The pack's been warned to give that area a wide berth, but I have a feeling one or two might be feeling macho - we'll need to keep an eye out for them too." Hoot stood with his back to the wall, arms crossed as he stared at the ground, mind already on the hunt.

Karl sat just to the side of Hoot, eyes moving between the two men as they spoke.Collapse )

Karl and Drake - new deputy in town? PG
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<b>Mun’s Note:</b> Takes place after <a href="" target="_blank">Leader of the Pack Drake Meets Hoot </a>

Drake waited at Hoot’s bar for Karl to arrive. He had to admit he was a little nervous and excited about starting as Karl’s assistant, or Deputy, or whatever it was. Hoot had told Drake that he would set up the ceremony to be initiated into the pack and get back to him. In the meantime, Drake had continued to work at the hospital and took up jogging in the early mornings (on the days he was not working early shift).

As he waited for Karl, Drake continued to read <i>The Iliad</i>. He had picked up the book at a local Borders, and since meeting the vampire Paris had started reading it every free moment he had.

<lj-cut text="I want to see what you have - how you would handle yourself ">

Rubbing his knuckles, Karl entered the bar, blessing the cool dimness of the interior. “Honey, I’m home!” He’d called that out once not expecting an answer, but when the day barman and responded, he’d laughed and had begun using it as his entrance line. Even at night, which elicited quite a few guffaws from the patrons. Even in his youth, Karl had been a big fan of the ‘I Love Lucy Show’.

Drake put away his book, stuffing it into his coat pocket. Taking a deep breath, he got up from his seat and made his way over to Karl. “Are you Karl?” he asked, hoping that it was as Drake had asked three other patrons before this one. “Name’s Drake De La Laurent. Hoot asked me to speak to Karl...”

“Yes, I am.” Stopping in the middle of the floor, Karl sized the younger were up. “He spoke to me of you.” The were before him was young, slender, but that could be to his advantage; wiry and fast was more dangerous than bulk and strength. “Hi.” Extending his hand as he finished closing the distance, Karl gave a small smile.

“Hi back.” Drake shook Karl’s hand and smiled back. “So, umm, what exactly do you want me to do? Hoot mentioned something about assisting you?” Drake looked Karl over; he was handsome, dark hair with hazel eyes that carried a look of caution.

On a side note, Drake knew that working with this one was going to be a pleasure. Karl was certainly easy on the eyes.

“Well, before I assign you any tasks, I thought it might be prudent for me to assess you - go out a few times, see how you handle yourself. No offense, but I’d rather know your strengths and all before I put you or anyone else in a potentially dangerous situation.” When Karl worked he was matter of fact, direct - some even said blunt - but when he played, it was with as much gusto as he worked. “Tell me a bit about yourself... what you feel comfortable with.”

“Fair enough.” Drake nodded. “I’m medically trained, first aid, emergency care; that sort of thing. I was a fighter in my old pack and worked closely with the scouts of the pack. I’m fast and I’m strong...I can grow claws in my human form; being medically trained now, I know where to strike to incapacitate or...well, you know...kill. But I don’t really like to do that unless it is absolutely and positively the only alternative. Just because something or someone is different does not classify it, in my book, to be automatically destroyed.” Drake was, of course, referring to vampires and other supernatural creatures. His words were vague enough, but he was fairly certain Karl knew what he was alluding to. “I was trained to save lives, not take them.” This was something Drake was very serious about. “I hope that won’t be a problem.”

“No,” Crossing his arms across his chest, Karl nodded in understanding. “being different is no reason to be thought suspicious. I don’t kill unless on order from my Alpha or Prince, and that has only happened once.” He wouldn’t go into details, but it wasn’t something he’d relished - the hunt, stalking, capturing - that was more fun.

Karl’s reply caused Drake to relax a bit. “You mentioned something about going out. Do you mean go on patrol with you?”

“Yes, I want to see what you have - how you would handle yourself.” Scratching at his nose, the big man thought for a few moments, “Basically, I need to see if there’s work to be done with you or not... not meant to insult, but if my safety, Hoot’s - the packs, and the Princes are in your hands... you get what I’m saying.”

Drake nodded solemnly. “Absolutely, I would do the same if I were in your position. I take no offense.”

“Good.” Moving closer, he extended his hand, “Here’s to working together.”

Drake shook the handsome were’s hand. “Likewise,”

Karl Urban and Paris ~ Garden District Bistro
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Paris had not expected there to be a waiting line when he arrived at the Bistro restaurant. He had chosen this place to eat since it was near his home in the Garden District. His driver, Lornette, had asked if he wished to go somewhere else, but Paris had refused stating he wanted to go to this restaurant based on the rave reviews.

Death is part of life, a child dies, a parent does... we learn, remember, love.Collapse )

Karl Urban and Walker Jerome ~ Do I need to talk about the Vamp to seduce you? NC17
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Karl had let his wolf out for a run, and man, did his animal go. Miles disappear under large black paws, tufts of earth behind in small patches. He was tiring, legs beginning to shake from the exertion; realizing he was closer to Walker’s place than town, the large black wolf headed there, hoping to find his friend home.

Walker could smell the wolf as soon as he entered his territoryCollapse )

Karl Urban and Jared Leto ~ Your loss furry
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He'd been to this club and knew how it was an attraction for were and vampire alike. And how a vampire would sometimes sing there as well, so of course, Karl, with his fascination with vampires, found himself pushing through the doors into a crowded room. Bodies undulating together on the floor in a parody of dance, sweaty and smelling of perfume, cologne, cigarette and other substances.

Jared loved to tease and moved through the bodies making sure to rub against them and make just enough eye contact to attract their attention. Collapse )

Karl Urban and Bill Kaulitz

Tracking KarlCollapse )

Walker Jerome and Karl Urban ~ Kitty want his belly rubbed?
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Karl moved through the woods, ears intent on the small night sounds as he moved toward Walker's place. He'd not seen his friend in a while and missed him, missed just talking to someone who understood his need for a pack-life.

Find anything interesting? The big golden Mountain Lion seemed to smile down from its branch.

kitty want his belly rubbed?Collapse )


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